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  • A Giant Bingo Festival In MapleStory [08/19/2017]
    MapleStory hosts a giant game of Bingo to celebrate the festival fun! From August 16 to August 30, 100 players who are at least Level 33 will receive an invitaion to the event map at the 15-minute and 45-minute mark between 5:15 PM and 6:45 AM (UTC).
  • MapleStory 2 Tutorial To Use Pet Menu [08/14/2017]
    In the pet menu, you can change the name, set the convenience, and synthesize the pet!
  • Preview The 13th Episode Of MapleStory 2 [08/11/2017]
    Maple World is now! The thirteenth episode of MapleStory 2 will come on August 24.
  • Conquer The Darkness Of Arcana In MapleStory [08/09/2017]
    MapleStory added a new region Arcana to continent of Arcane River! A once beautiful forest of light that has been corrupted by darkness is available to level 225 players who have defeated Lucid and completed the Decisive Battle quest in Lachelein.
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