5 easy ways to increase damage in Maplestory

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The methods shown below are used to power level new released jobs such as Kanna up to Level 200 in one day. As you might notice, new jobs with scarce Mastery Books and Godly Scrolled Weapons (primary leveling tool) tends to slow down leveling progress unless the person is leeching from a higher level person, but that is another story!



1. Actualize a Cygnus Appearance and akin it up to Akin 120.


I acclaim you to actualize Mihile (Warrior Cygnus Knight) because it levels up the fastest a part of all Cygnus Knights due to the actuality that it gets 3rd job at Akin 60 and 4th Job at Akin 100 instead of Akin 70 and 120 respectively. Mihile has Empress’s Blessing (passive skill) which provides a whopping +24 weapon advance and abracadabra advance as you akin up to 120 and all characters aural the aforementioned annual as Mihile will annual from it.


2. Actualize characters that has Hotlink Skills.


You charge to actualize characters that acquire hotlink abilities and akin it up to Akin 70. Next, hotlink those abilities to your primary appearance which you plan to akin up to Akin 200 at the beeline bulk of time. If you accept added time, akin those characters up to Akin 100 to access the Hotlink Accomplishment to Akin 2 which provides added benefit. If you are planning to actualize all of them, use those hotlink abilities to advice you akin up those characters aboriginal afore bond to your primary character! You ability ask which 1 to actualize first, accordingly I annual the a lot of important one’s first: Mercedes (+10% EXP), Cannoneer (+25 All Stats and 10% Max HP MP), Kanna (+10% Damage), Phantom (+15% Critical Rate). For added advice on which jobs acquire hotlink skills, appointment MapleStory Hotlink Accomplishment Guide.


3. Actualize 2 accouter of Appearance Cards with your absolute characters!


Basically, you charge to actualize a accouter of cards by accumulation 3 appearance cards to accretion bonuses. Each aggregate yields altered bonuses such as added Max HP MP or added damage. For added advice on the best agenda aggregate to access damage, appointment MapleStory Appearance Agenda System.


4. Access “Will of Alliance” Skill


This accomplishment gives you +5 All Stats (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), +5 Weapon and Abracadabra Attack. It’s accessible for all classes but you charge to complete a few quests to access this skill. You charge to be Akin 75. Start the adventure by beat the Light Bulb amid on the larboard ancillary of your awning and bang the adventure “Mysterious Discovery”. NPC Teo will activate conference you about the adventure and he will ask you to accommodated addition NPC Muirhat to defeat some monsters, and after accommodated with Kyrin (Pirate Instructor at Nautilus) and Athena Pierce (Bowman Instructor at Henesys) and assuredly allocution to Empress Cygnus residing at Ereve. Upon commutual the quest, you will be apparent some video footage of the accord and again you accretion this accomplishment which is begin beneath the Beginner Tab aural your Accomplishment Window.


5. Creating and Equipping Abeyant Equipment.


MapleStory has appear a Abeyant System that allows your accessories to accretion abeyant stats through crafting, scrolling with Abeyant Scroll and Cubing (uses NxCash for Premium Abeyant Cubes). However, if you do not accept NxCash to spend, you can apprentice crafting (craft accessories abnormally weapon and armor) to actualize abeyant equipment. Abeyant Stats is bigger than accustomed carbon back it can accord you % allotment carbon such as +9% STR. If you are Akin 100 Warrior (5 AP x 100 Levels = 500 STR in primary attribute), 500 x 9% yields = 45 STR benefit from just 1 abeyant equipment! Appointment MapleStory Abeyant System Guide for added info!


6. Actualize a mule to briefly addition your primary character


This requires you to actualize addition annual and actualize a Phantom Thief to abduct (aka copy) abilities from Explorers such as Meditation (Boost Abracadabra Attack), Rage (Boost Weapon Attack), Advanced Blessing (Boost Weapon and Abracadabra Attack). For added advice on accomplishment copying, appointment Phantom Thief Accomplishment Build Guide. Next, login to both primary and mule account. Use the mule (Phantom Theif) to addict up your Primary Appearance during Training. This will accord you an simple accident boost. Of course, it can aswell advice acceleration up your training provided your Phantom Thief has Holy Symbol, Maple Warrior, Haste and added abundant skills.