A Crossbowman in Maplestory

Maplestoryer Date: Oct/29/13 16:54:48 Views: 1330
Though the attack speed of a crossbowman is low, they have very high damage which is comparatively better than that of a hunter. Once an archer is level up 30, they can become a crossbowman. If you wan to be a crossbowman, there are several things that you need to do at first. You can talk to Athena Pierce in Henesys when your level is 30 and she will give you a letter for the Bowman Instructor, found at the upper right side of the Road to the Dungeon. Before going there, be sure that you have stocked up at least 60 to 70 Orange Potions, as you will have to pass a test. After talking to the job instructor, you will be teleported to a place like the Ant Tunnel. There are two types of monsters inside: Zombie Mushrooms and Evil Eyes with different characteristics. They hit about 70+ damage on you. You should collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating these monsters. The drop is about 1 in 3 monsters. After that, talk to the job instructor and you will be awarded a 'Proof of a Hero'. Then you can go back to Henesys and talk to Athena Pierce again. She will ask you whether you want to be a crossbowman or not. What you need to do is just choose the crossbowman and confirm your choice. Then you accomplish your second job advancement and become a crossbowman. After become a crossbowman, you have a new skill, that is, Iron Arrow, which can attack through walls and has higher damage compare to Arrow bomb. That is amazing. Do you want to have this new skill now? Maplestoryer will meet your needs at once.