A Giant Bingo Festival In MapleStory

Maplestoryer Date: Aug/19/17 09:49:03 Views: 1758

MapleStory hosts a giant game of Bingo to celebrate the festival fun! From August 16 to August 30, 100 players who are at least Level 33 will receive an invitaion to the event map at the 15-minute and 45-minute mark between 5:15 PM and 6:45 AM (UTC).



The invitation appears over your character's head, check it and see the number you have in your Bingo board while NPC Kemdi calls a number. When NPC Kemdi calls a number, check your Bingo board to see if you have that number. If you do, click the board to mark it. Once you complete a line, click the "Bingo" button and you'll be added to the Bingo ranking on the right side of the event map. 



Each time you take part in the event, you can play in three games. Finally, you can get Override Coins for rewards, which can be uses in the Override Coin Shop. Notably, the higher your rank, the more coins you’ll receive.