Do You Need Help To Select Your Main Character in ESO

Maplestoryer Date: May/26/18 11:35:07 Views: 1548

Do you need help to select your main character? Are you hesitating between two classes or what will be your next character link skill/character card? This is the thread for you! Feel free to ask any questions regarding the class selection and our community will try their best to answer them for you.


- My gf wants to play a mage that is good at both bossing and mobbing. They don’t have to excel in either area but they also shouldn’t be lacking either area. I play Kinesis, which I think has a nice balance between mobbing/bossing, but she doesn’t want to play the same class as me.


- I would suggest Blaster. I've personally had the same question and switched around mains, but ever since I played blaster, the question never came up again. The animation cancel combos might be slightly difficult but once you get the hang of it, it becomes super fun. If you want some advice then I'm happy to help you out.


- I've been playing a blaster and got up to 4th job; I enjoyed the aesthetic and the playstyle but the insane mana costs and combos are definite cons. I am playing on Reboot as well. I'm thinking of playing something ranged and hopefully simpler for a change, maybe a wild hunter for example. I'm also considering perhaps playing one of the mages or one of the explorer archer classes. If anyone has any suggestions for fun mage/archer/ranged classes, let me know.


Also, what are wild hunters like mid and end game in terms of mobbing and bossing? If any WH mains could weigh in on what the class is like and how fun it is, it would be appreciated.


- I'm trying to make a new main in Reboot. I had fun playing Aran but now I want to try something new. Good bossing is something i really want. Mobility is also fun. I tried Blaster but it wasnt fun. Are there any other recommendations or should I be waiting for Ark?


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