Do you unforget old MapleStory?

Maplestoryer Date: Mar/09/15 11:59:21 Views: 311

What do you mean old MapleStory? Do you remember old Maplestory ?For most people it means this is the pre Big Bang period. 



I recently came upon a screenshot of old henesys back when there where ALOT of people on the far left side of henesys at the portal next to the newbie training zone. I think I made my first 100k there back in the good ol days by selling fame and ore drops from the snails in the map to the left XD That spot back then was more crowded than FMs are now.


People trained, but it was difficult and time consuming because it wasn't meant to be a priority. The game encouraged social interaction through things like pq. If you ever wanted to grind, most people are willing to accept a party member. Nowadays people focus on damage and stats. People only pq together because its required, and most people who grind do it with an afk party. I think they're trying to bring back the old social maple though, probably because they lost a lot of players when they changed the entire game dynamic with the bb.


This is exactly what I miss the most about MS too. It used to be a very communal game, with the most reliable source of exp for lower levels being party quests, all major bosses needing a squad of at least 20 to even stand a chance against, solo play at 100+ was basically unheard of, etc. I actually mentioned this in a different subreddit a few days ago, too. It's a real shame that this aspect of the game is pretty much gone now.


Another thing I miss is jump quests, or rather, the prominence of jump quests, where people actually farmed them for materials and whatnot back in the early days of the game. It highlighted a unique aspect of the game in its platforming, and did it in a challenging and rewarding way (at least in the context of 2005-2006), but it's been mostly overlooked since then.