Do you want get married in Maplestory?

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1.Be sure you want to go through with it. It takes time and cash as well. If you've talked it over and are sure, keep reading. Also, remember that only a male character can get the ring.



2.Go to Moony and buy an engagement ring (You no longer have to bring items). You can choose from Moon Stone, Shining Star, Gold Heart, and Silver Wing.


3.Double click your engagement ring and propose to your sweetheart by entering her name. If she accepts, celebrate with your fiancee, buddies, and guildmates.


4.Purchase cash and select a wedding ticket of your choice from the cash shop.

Small weddings let you and your fiancee invite up to 5 guests each and you get a wedding ring with +1 to each stat. Your wedding will be located in the chapel in Amoria.


Grand weddings allow you and your fiancee to invite 15 guests each, and you'll get a wedding ring with +2 to each stat. Your wedding is located in the cathedral in Amoria.

Premium weddings allow you and your fiancee to invite 30 guests each, and you'll get a wedding ring with +3 to each stat. After your wedding, you'll get access to a hunting map. You can make a gift wishlist for all your guests to see, you can make a reservation with the chapel or cathedral wedding coordinator.


5.Talk it over between yourself and your fiancee, and decide on a wedding date and time. Be sure that whoever you invite can come that day and time, and of course be sure the two of you can come.


6.Talk to either Wayne of the Chapel or the nun at the Cathedral to make reservations. You have to be in a two-person party with your sweetheart and have at least two slots open in your etc. inventory. Be ready to select what you want as presents, as a wish list will come up for both of you.



7.If your wedding is in a cathedral, your fiancee must sign a commitment document by talking to High Priest John. Then talk to Gary and Shatima so you can sign your commitment document.



8.Pay your wedding fees. This can be done by talking to the Chapel staff if you're having a chapel wedding or talking to the wedding assistant if you're having a cathedral wedding


9.Get ready for the big day! Plan everything you want, get something to wear, or whatever! Just be ready for your big day and don't forget or be late!



10.Walk down the aisle! You're married! You can take photos at the photo area, then hang out. The photos will be published on the MapleStory website. If it's premium, you can go to the hunting ground and find special presents!