How to be the Best Sniper in Maplestory?

Maplestoryer Date: Oct/29/13 16:54:48 Views: 1372
The Sniper belongs to the Bowman Class, who has high damage dealt to a single monster in Maple World and pretty high DEF. When you level up 70, you can become a sniper. If you want to become the best sniper in Maplestroy, you need to train again and again. As your level is70 or above, you can attack Coolie Zombies and Minor Zombies. Death Teddies in Ludibrium would be nice after you level up to Lv. 71 from your last time at Ludibrium Maze Party Quest. There are many sniping platforms at the Death Teddies that are good for Bowmen and Hermits. Mixed Golems are nice monsters for fast leveling in these levels and if you would like to try, you could get a party of 2-3 people and go for Squids and Gobies. When your level reaches 80, you can still stay in Death Teddies and you can have a try at Squids and Kentauruses. And you can also go to Gobies and use Strafe and Arrow Eruption o kill monsters with ease. Blue Dragon Turtles and Red Dragon Turtles are good because they have -40 speeds, which is beneficial for ranged classes like Snipers. Once your level arrives at 90, Deep Sea Gorge I and Deep Sea Gorge II are all good training spots for the Snipers. Deep Sea Gorges are full of Gobies, Bombing Fish Houses and Bone Fish. Dangerous Sea Gorge I and Dangerous Sea Gorge II are all good with Gobies, Bombing Fish House, Squid and Risell Squids. Once you do choose to train at Dangerous Sea Gorge, you might even want to go a bit lower and try Shark and Cold Shark. Now you come to level 100, you can try Zakum for the Zakum Helmet or the Time Temple. When you level to 110, you can basically go around just pwning everything. Besides, you can have a try at Horntail. When you accomplish all of these, you have mastered the skills of a sniper. Then you can advance to the fourth job. Of course, to be the best sniper means you need time to training and enough mesos buy the weapons and armors, maplestoryer will satisfy your demands.