How to Get a Good FM Spot in Maplestory?

Maplestoryer Date: Mar/10/15 23:36:00 Views: 1192

If you go looking for a good spot in the FM, there is a hefty chance you won't find one. Most of them are taken.  There's a simple way around this problem. A loophole, if you so choose to call it.


After every Server Analysis or Patch, all the FMs are wiped. So, every atom is accessible and humans accept to try and get spots again. Therefore, it's a acceptable abstraction to delay until a Server Analysis or Patch comes about afore affairs a Merchant. Then, befitting aggravating to log on ~2 hours afore the analysis up is appointed to accomplishment back Asiasoft/Nexon is NEVER on time. Try already every 5 account are so. Already you log on, it should be simple to acquisition a spot.



Once you found your spot, stand in the middle of the spot and double-click on the cash item located under the "Cash" tab in your Item Inventory.


- If the spot is too small, it will not allow you to open a store.

Solution : Find another spot


- If the spot is fine, then you will be needed to key-in your Store Title

Solution : Type your store title.


After that, just click OK or NEXT until you see an area where you are required to put in your items for sale. Open your Item Inventory and drag anything that you want to sell to the selling slots.

*Selling slots are located where people display their items


Put your preferred price and hit OK. It will be displayed on the left side of your store. Continue putting items and when you're done, click Open Store located just above the Selling Slots.


Congratulations! Your store is now successfully opened!

You'll need to organise it once in a while. So please remember to visit your store to withdraw your mesos and remove the sold items on the list to clear up some slot to sell another item.


NOTE : Remember to double-check your price before opening the store.