Leveling Tips for Beginners in MapleStory M

Maplestoryer Date: Sep/07/18 15:13:52 Views: 2943

MapleStory M is a side-scrolling MMORPG, based on the MapleStory franchise. Play MapleStory M on your mobile devices & get ready to smash some Slimes! In this tips I'll cover basics to help you level in MapleStory M.


MapleStory m Leveling


Complete quest

When you first start out, you'll notice that leveling up seems so easy. From level 1 to 85, all you'll need to do is quest. There are a variety of quests in MapleStory M. You can get a lot of EXP by completing these tasks, and a lot of MapleStory M mesos meanwhile.


Doing dailies and daily hunt

you will run out of quests before you get to the next level. You can get the rest of the EXP needed by doing your dailies and your daily hunt. Make sure you do your quests before the daily hunt as some of the monsters you need to kill for the quest will be on the daily hunt.


Get into the Star Force Field

After that, you'll need to enhance your equipment to get into the Star Force Field. Monsters that appear in the Star Force Field have higher HP and ATK than those that appear in normal fields, making it a great place to earn a lot of EXP. You will likely take a lot of damage and require a lot of potions to stay alive or when afk/offline training. And, try to Starforce train in a group of 6 active people. Last, use all your auto battle refills here. Select attacks that are good for clearing out mobs quickly. the amount of EXP gained is very good


Doing Netts Pyramid and Elite Dungeon

It will also get you a decent amount of EXP and more when you're at higher levels.


Nett's Pyramid

- Farm to get extremely valuable rare or epic set of equipment that can only be obtained here

- Only place you can get golden leafs apart from rewards and quests

- Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)

- Gives EXP


Elite Dungeon

- This is where the majority of your loot for equipment and upgrades will come from

- At high level, this is one of the few places you can get epic weapon and armor powder which are very limited resources

- Can be accessed 3 times a day (+1 from guild attendance reward and +1 from weekly missions)

- Gives EXP


Attending a guild

If you're in a guild, you have the option of attending a guild banquet for 30mins. The banquet gets you a relatively small amount of EXP, but it is free and all you have to do is sit in the guild hideout during the banquet. The hideout can be found on the guild page. Your guild master or submaster will need to activate the banquet before you can get in, so learn what time of day they usually have it on.