Lost Ark Guide: Elgacia, New World Map, Affinity NPCs, Dungeon

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On April 27, the new continent Elgacia was launched. With the addition of the new continent, 'Elgacia' added various collectibles such as Mokoko seeds and one new reputation with the new. In Lost Ark Korea, I also applied a class balance patch and multiple events.


Lost Ark Guide: Elgacia, New World Map, Affinity NPCs, Dungeon


In the new continent, 'Elgacia', you will need to reach item level 1460 to be able to do the quests.



New Continent Trailer – Elgacia


Added a new World Map in Lost Ark

Added a new world map that includes the Elgacia continent.

You will be able to see the new world map after completing the quest 'Paradise of the Dreamless'.

※ Find the instructions on how to use and open the new world map in the tooltip on the loading screen and the displayed guide when opening the world map (M).

The continent change button can also be used after completing the 'Paradise of the Dreamless' quest, where you can use the new world map.


New Affinity NPCs


Added new Affinity NPCswith the continent of 'Elgacia', and a total of 4 affinity items related to Elgacia were also added. There are three unique types of Missions and One Assignment. Collection points for reputation rewards include the 'Masterpiece#57', rewards such as various materials, battle item boxes, and card decks.

With the Adventurer's Tome of Elgacia, new Emotes and Songs have been added that can be obtained as rewards, also new Camp Chief 'Israel'.The appropriate item level for 'Israel' is 1540. You will find adventurers Tome Food, Star of Omnium, and accessories among the rewards you can get.



It is possible to travel to the mainland through the 'Pillar of Light' near Albion; a button is added to the top left corner of the world map when you complete the quest, 'Acrasia Ground, Elgacia'. You can move using the pillar of light near Albion in 'Girl's Village'. Also, you can immediately go to Elgacia through the song of Heaven'Acquired after completing the quest.



Also added 66 new Missions, five new titlesY14 card types Related to Elgacia.



New Abyssal Dungeon – Kayangel


Kayangel Dungeon Images


In the angel Abyssal Dungeon, you can do the following two dungeons.

  • Atlassian Heavenly Gate
  • Cradle of eternal light
  • ※ For each dungeon challenge, you must complete the Elgacia World Quest 부서지는 새장 'The Broken Cage' and reach the appropriate item level for the difficulty.


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Each of the two Abyssal 'Kayangel' dungeons has Normal/Hard difficulties.

  • Normal: Requires four people, recommended item level 1475
  • Hard: the Hard difficulty is divided into three difficulty levels below.
  • Hard I:4 people required recommended item level 1520
  • Hard II: Requires four people, recommended item level 1560
  • Hard III: Requires four people, recommended item level 1580


Added a Light of Trials Trade NPC

Added a Light of Trials NPC'Test Light Exchange' to the Ariane Orb.

  • You can exchange 'Light of Trials' for various items through NPC 'Mirror that illuminates light.'

※'Light of Trial' can be obtained in the Abyssal Dungeon 'Kayangel'.



Tower of Destiny

With this update, (floors 26 to 50) were opened in Tower of Fate. The range object-level recommended is from1540 to 1580, and you can get various upgrade materials and card packs as rewards.

You can get masterpiece No. 58on the 35th floor, and 'Advanced Skill Point Potion's a reward on the 50th floor.


Tower of Destiny – Floors 26 to 50


To challenge the Tower of Destiny, you must reach the item level of each floor as follows:

  • Floors 26-30: Item level 1540 or higher Floors 31-35: Item level 1550 or higher
  • Floors 36-40: Item level 1560 or higher Floors 41-45: Item level 1570 or higher
  • Floors 46-50: Item level 1570 or higher, object 1580 or higher


Skill Stones


Skill Stones can be upgraded through level 3 relic grade skill stones and materials obtained from 'Kayangel'. You can use the upgrade function through the skill stonecutter NPCs in each main town. You must use materials and gold in each stage. When a skill stone is upgraded, the HP of the primary effect and the crafting stage bonus increase, and the previously applied engraving effect does not change.

Different materials are consumed depending on the stage, but if there is a higher grade material, it is possible to upgrade the skilled stone without going through the intermediate step. Lost Ark Gold is required cumulatively, so upgrading the capable stone to the last stage, stage IV requires 24,000 gold.


▲ Each stage consumes 6000 gold, and the last step consumes 24000 gold at a time.


The 'Elgacia Pass' until June 22


New Skins for Classes – Elgacia


New Skins – Weapons