MapleStory : General Training Tips

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MapleStory is a bold primarily about cutting characters to college levels. There are able-bodied over 1,000 quests to do, but abounding of them action actual little in the way of rewards. A lot of of them are for adventure purposes. Some humans absorb all of their time cutting and abstain the adventure completely. This all agency that award the appropriate abode to alternation is capital for fast leveling. This adviser will acknowledge the secrets of the best training spots, and some hidden gems for those who like to abstain the crowds.




Most MapleStory players apperceive abounding of the training areas listed below. This agency that they tend to be rather crowded. Sometimes you will appointment players who are absolutely abrupt and territorial, while added times you may be able to accompany a affair easily. Here are some tips to accomplish your training acquaintance added pleasant.


When in doubt, try to acquisition an abandoned map. There are 19 channels of identical maps in a lot of worlds, and some monsters accept added than one accessible map.


If you can't acquisition an abandoned map, ask to accompany a party. Abounding players adopt abutting parties to angry adjoin anniversary other. It splits the acquaintance amid affair members, but benefit acquaintance is added as well. Faster killing may beggarly faster training.


Learn the lingo


Pick up money and items that bead if you can. A banknote boutique pet with boodle items helps immensely, but you can aces up after one. Your training will be slower, but you will be authoritative money forth the way.


Training Aids


There are a bulk of things that can enhance your training experience. Any advance addict or advancement addict will apparently acquiesce you to alternation faster. There are aswell a bulk of agency to access your acquaintance gained.


Cash boutique 2x exp cards. These endure for four hours and bulk a few dollars.


2x exp events. Nexon generally holds weekend contest with a four-hour articulation of time giving anybody all-around bifold experience. Beware that this brings out the affliction in abounding people, however.


Pendant of the Spirit. Abounding of the coin-collecting contest Nexon hosts acquiesce you to buy one of these pendants. They accord you a baby access in acquaintance depending on the time you've absorb online.


Holy Symbol is a addict casting by Bishops and Phantoms who accept baseborn the skill. It increases the exp you acquire from anniversary kill.


Level up accident 1.5x cards. These are accessible buffs that assemblage with all of the aloft to accord you an added 50 percent acquaintance per kill.


Family Reps 1.2x exp. The Family arrangement allows you to absorb reps your juniors accept becoming on buffs, including abbreviate benefit acquaintance buffs. These do not assemblage with added buffs or events, however.


Mercedes Hotlink Skill. The Mercedes class, aloft extensive akin 70, is able to hotlink to addition appearance on the aforementioned annual to accord them benefit experience.


Guild Banner of Experience. This is a guild-wide addict that brotherhood leaders can acquirement that briefly gives all associates a baby bulk of benefit acquaintance for anniversary kill.


Party play bonuses. Certain areas, accurately some top akin areas, are affair play. This agency your affair assets benefit acquaintance for accepting added members.


Training Zones


Below are specific akin ranges. In general, you will wish to break in one breadth for that ambit of levels. It is accessible to accouterment monsters of up to 20 levels college than you, if you accept abundant accurateness to hit them. Feel chargeless to agreement with added training locations if your accepted one is arid you.


You can aswell do Affair Quests for experience, admitting award a affair accommodating to do them is a assignment all it's own. Some of them accept analytic acceptable exp returns, while others are primarily for the boodle or the administration it opens up.