MapleStory 2 - 2nd Anniversary 777 Meter Event

Maplestoryer Date: Jul/07/17 09:09:18 Views: 1358

Finally, the 777 Meter event begins from yesterday. Check out the lucky luck and special discount chance of the pouring Meret!



Events: "Purchase 0 Meters", "SPECIAL Discount", "HOT Discount"


7 pm! Do not miss it!

Dore crazy discount!

Up to 50% off the Merut Market!

0 Wondir and Special Discount event



Event Time: 2017. 07. 06 (Thursday) ~ 2017. 07. 09 (Sun) 4 days




 The event marts acquired through the event [777 mets per day!] Will expire on July 27, 2017.

 [HOT Discount Chance!] Discounts on events are not applied to discounts on the following items.

 Musical Instruments > Flower Series

 Weapon Skin > Cherry Blossom Series

 Action registration > proposal, joke, horse, jakum series