MapleStory 2 Announced To Enter Thailand Market

Maplestoryer Date: May/29/17 21:28:06 Views: 1612

It is clear to us to see each other. The legendary online game MapleStory 2, or the newest version of the game has been popular with Thai gamers very much since the first. Until the launch of Part 2, the flow back to the strength is doubled. With the character and style of the play is more 3D as compared to the first 2D Side Scroll.



After the Nexon Thailand has been announced to enter the Thai market is very hard by announcing a variety of staff positions from customer service to Korean Translator or Korean translation team. Looking back on this game in hand, Nexon Thailand has been launched, such as HIT, Fantasy War Tactics R, Chaos Chronicle, Dynasty Warrior Unleashed, or ARENA Master, most of which are handheld games. Hold and do not need to use more staff as advertised, but it is not. "There are new games that are about to open?"



As for the "new games that are about to open", I went back and forth to see what the possibility of a new game was. If it is a mobile game, then DURANGO is quite high, because the latest has opened a long test. Well, at one point before closing to improve and develop a point where there are still problems, and get a good flow from around the world. With the novelty of the game Survivor Survivor life from the dinosaur species.


But ... if it is a side of the online game. It must be said that this year is a golden year ever at home games we are interested in coming back to play more games online. After a while, weight will be leaning to the side of the mobile game no less. But most of them are still playing mobile games and online games. View from the Blade and Soul Open Beta Open soon to see how hard it is not sure that Nexon Thailand is not calm, plus the game in hand. If you choose to take a cool. Open in Thailand, it is not strange to see?



Then online games that MapleStory 2 is not a game because it has a base of players from the first. There is also a community server who play abroad on a consistent island. So far, we have invested in ways to top up to play well. I say that there is a chance MapleStory 2 is quite high because the latter. We will notice that the fan page Nexon Thailand began to release images about this game to see. Or provocative people waiting to play out a lot. Lastly, it's slow or fast.


Another possible game is that the request is still not valid. But it is one of the options if Nexon Thailand wants to move forward to penetrate the online game market in Thailand fully is to send Tree of Savior in Thailand. This is said to be a collage analysis from many aspects, which may be open only MapleStory 2 or if the jackpot break may play both games, it is who will know.