MapleStory 2 Assassin Intro & Assassin Opening Memorial Event

Maplestoryer Date: Jun/07/17 10:56:53 Views: 1437

The MapleStory 2 Assassin Intro has been revealed in its official facebook page. The Assassin uses darts in the game with super high explosive force. The skills are magnificent and controls are fast, which require frequent skill release and movement.





Seven Lions led by Dark Lord

The ultimate crew of the assassination troops.

I do not know how he grew up in Logs.

I have been training since childhood.

He was thoroughly assassinated.

Far above other colleagues

Show excellent ability

It was settled as the elite crew.

But for the perfect mission

Unlike other Rogers who are suppressed,

Since becoming the best-in-class member to have autonomous thinking

The actions you are doing as a member of the Logs

I wonder if it's true

The question begins to grow a little bit in my mind...


By the way, MapleStory 2 is holding an Assassin Opening Memorial Event. To enter the activity, you need to tag your friends and leave a comment. There will be 5 people get a Nexon cash 10,000 won by lottery. The result will be post in Facebook Personal Message Announcement on June 7th.