MapleStory 2 Gunner Intro & Trailer

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As the preious page shared, MapleStory 2 released some class info via a series of video. In this article, we will post some info about Gunner, a remote high damage class with his cannon fire, he features various attacking and control skills which made him the most powerful outburst in MapleStroy 2. Meanwhile, he's able to cure himself.




Heavy Guner

MapleWorld's leading science school,

Edelstein was the greatest problematic teacher in the school.

As an owner of a genius brain

I often make strange results that others can not think of.

The difference between friends and magic inn and Bima corporation

Against the increasingly deep world

Unlike the formation of resistance

Heavy Gunner demonstrates his genius

Everyone is immersed in research to make inventions that create an equal world.

And such a product of his passion,

The Fusion Core's first start date is approaching...


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