MapleStory 2 Is The Best Anime Mobile Games Of The Moment

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/28/17 10:35:09 Views: 1497

Recent years, many new MMORPGs have been developed with Japanese-style anime graphics. One of these best anime mobile games is MapleStory 2.



The biggest difference of MapleStory 2 over the man that changed the gameplay completely changed from a horizontal screen title to a full 3D action game.


The world in MapleStory 2 is built in a block form, dividing squares in all areas on the map. During the gameplay, gamers can be destructive environments as you like.


Maple Story 2 is a non-target action where players can perform continuous combos through hot keys on the keyboard.


MapleStory 2's appeal comes from being an action role-playing game, but the gameplay style is fun to play. This not only comes from the chibi-style graphic background, but also from the characters' moves, moves.


Furthermore, when fighting monsters, players not only have to hit the target, they can also perform special moves such as jumping, riding on monsters to attack. In addition, for normal monsters, the character can ring after the attack to prevent theft.


Finally, MapleStory 2 is holding a Golden Holiday BIG5 event to celebrate the Beauty Day. Players have the chances to get May 5 Special Gift from April 27th to May 11th.