MapleStory 2 Released New Trailer For Maple World

Maplestoryer Date: Jun/23/17 09:06:17 Views: 1081

To convey the vivid news of Maple World, MapleStory 2 official media released a new trailer, "Maple World is now".




To convey the vivid news of Maple World

"MapleWorld is now 8 times" update!

 • Reverse Raid 'Zakum' appeared

 • Once more! 13 River Balrog weapon events

 • Resurrection of 1 skill by job: Additional news

 • Apartment house 90% off

 • Permanent cuts in construction materials prices

 • Maple workshop free event


As the official facebook page revealed, these updates will be available on June 29, 2017. Stay tuned for more information about Maple World.