Maplestory 2 - Upcoming Demo Will Debut In China On 7/3

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/27/17 14:19:43 Views: 1654

According to sources said, Tencent will be the authorized dealer for this game and give information on 7/3 about upcoming launch of Maplestory 2 demo. Step into the world of adventure, enter the world amazing! Starting the game, players will be told about the mysteries of the rumors and legends about the venture. Players will not only gradually decipher the mystical stories around the island, but also interact with the original.



The story is that the world is a land of adventure and final, luminous god and god created dark but beloved by god spirits more luminous and cold, dark god despised them arise contradictions, conflicts and war. Despite the help of the gods, the god of evil ultimately failed, but also caused a lot of damage to the island of adventure. Luminous gods decided to sacrifice himself to save the world while creating god queen Sophie as protection. Queen Sophie was summoned spirits 7 valiant, they together against the forces of evil spirit. The story starts here.



Maplestory 2 is set in the legendary story of the island adventure leads the player to lead the contemporary world of Boss. Also designers also combine relaxing gameplay. The venture will not only have the opportunity to experience all the new details in the game, but also has many more challenging classes and help players feel the mystique of the game.



Ignore the imagination to venture Apart improvements, this version also included a series of new play beyond imagination. In the game, you will realize the system has improved architecture. Players can create a dream house for himself, an amusement park, or a lovely mushroom house, the castle magnificence even can change the whole sky, the landscape of a city . Not only that, Maplestory 2 also included in the technical playing life as players can go gold digging, collecting, cultivation even livestock, planting props and fun to enjoy life on his own farm.



This version players will discover a rich system of national dress. Factors unique style of his country will make players not so surprising. For example, China will see the arrival of the Chinese dragon, rare animals like pandas will also participate in the team mounts and many architectural elements and style China, too.