MapleStory 2 Wizard Info & Trailer

Maplestoryer Date: Jun/11/17 21:13:33 Views: 1174

Wizard Intro revealed in MapleStory 2! As we know, Wizard is a genius in controlling natural elements, she can use her staff to control the ice, fire and thunder. The damage from wizard is superb, and she's able to hide boss skills easily.





Enchanted Ellinel Fairy Academy is proud of a genius Wizard.

Recognized as early as potential

I enrolled as a scholarship student at EliNell magical institute.

After you enter the school,

I've never studied, but I've never missed the first place in my entire school.

Because of this, with high pride

I am buying the hatred of Kaitlin, the mastermind of the Wizard.

My homeroom teacher,

I have great expectations that I will grow into a great Wizard.

Due to its unique optimistic and lazy character, I am so sick...