Maplestory 3rd-6th Growth and 2nd+-3rd Job

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1.Make your additional job advance at akin 30. Each chic is altered in the advancement, so do some analysis to acquisition out how to go about it.


2.Get a profession. You can accept 2 professions and the professions are Mining, Herbalism, Alchemy, Accessory Crafting, and Smithing.


Mining and Herbalism are acquisition skills. Mining is appropriate for Accessory Crafting and Smithing, while Herbalism is appropriate for Alchemy.


Smithing allows you to accomplish weapons, armor, projectiles, and androids. This is a acceptable accomplishment if you're low on funds for weapons and armor.


Accessory crafting gives you the adeptness to accomplish earrings, belts, pendants, and rings. If you're advantageous enough, you may get a accomplished artefact with Hidden Potential.


Alchemy lets you accomplish potions, agglutinate items, and abstract items for account crystals. If you're mainly abroad from the keyboard, set up an extractor and let humans pay you to use it. If you set up a 1 meso extractor, you may get chargeless fame..


3.Train at Theme Dungeons. The Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon is a abundant abode to train. You aswell get a cuff with 1 weapon advance and 2 abracadabra advance afterwards accomplishing the storyline! Kerning Square is addition abode to train, you aswell get a nice medal. At akin 55, arch over to Chryse. You can get akin 70 weapons afterwards acquisition the boss.


4.At akin 50, this may be a abundant time to use those admission pieces afraid in your account and barter them in for Monster Park Tickets. The monsters accept added HP, but you get added EXP and Hidden Potential items.