Maplestory 6th-8th Growth and 3rd+ Job

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 Third Job Advancement/Evan 6th-8th Growth/Dual Blade 3rd+ Job in Maplestory.


1.Make your third job beforehand afterwards you ability akin 60. You will charge to do a adventure which requires you to ask questions about Maplestory and geta chaplet (name varies by class) to beforehand to the chic depending on the second job you chose.


2.Training at Jesters is a accepted abode to alternation because of the quick spawn and acceptable acquaintance (around 1350 acquaintance per jester). However,don't be afraid by the bulk of kill-stealers. It is a actual awash area so don't apprehend a accomplished map to yourself.


3.At akin 100-110, alternation at MP3 (Mysterious Path 3). Just like Jesters,don't apprehend a accomplished map to yourself. This is if humans alpha getting abrupt and competitive.


4.If you accept no admission to any of those spots, alternation at the pirates in Herb Town. It isn't aggressive because there's a mini alcove in the map.


5.The Herb Town and Magatia Affair quests are aswell a abundant abode to train.However, there are some humans who will bang their affair associates so they can alternation on their own there. Finishing the Magatia Affair Adventure will either accord you Romeo or Juliet's pendant. They both accept Hidden Potential and can be accumulated to accomplish a stronger pendant.