Maplestory 9th-10th Growth and 4th Job

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Here are the Maplestory of 4th Job/Evan 9th-10th Growth.


1.Make your fourth job advance if you are akin 100. This varies by class.


2.At this time, you can alternation at the Evolution World. You can use cores to modify the monsters' stats for added experience. However, you can alone enter 5 times a day.


3.Once you get to 120, you can alternation at LHC (Lion Heart Castle) in the ElNath area. It is an acutely acceptable training abode to get to lvl 200. You can alpha there at 110, but not a lot of parties will accept you, unless you can do top accident or you're a priest who can casting Holy Symbol. The thing about LHC is that anybody trains in parties so they can get up to 250% added EXP. Add the 50% added EXP for 375% added EXP. If you try to solo, it will yield you always because the monsters accept at atomic a brace millions of HP, and you alone get about 50 thousand EXP per monster.


4.When you are akin 160, you get the adeptness to go to the Henesys Ruinsand Cygnus's Stronghold, which is 25-30 years in the future, and the monsters there are mutated versions of anemic monsters and angry versions of Cygnus Knights. Just like LHC, you can alternation at the Stronghold with affair members for added experience. You can accompany an campaign to go defeat Cygnus if you are akin 170. If she dies, she drops akin 140 equipment. However, you're bigger off killing the Chief Knights, because Cygnus is awry and is absurd to kill.