Maplestory: A Unexpected Information Revealed By Nexon

Maplestoryer Date: Dec/07/16 13:19:03 Views: 1539

Recently, Nexon has unexpectedly announced a range of information about MapleStory polar substances. Total time to play that gamers have "consumed" in MapleStory to 17,800 years, equivalent to about 156 million hours playing.


MapleStory can be considered one of the play online games take the first horizontal screen in the world. Game style accentuated by cute graphics, but the extreme fighting style funky, mixed substances act.


Gamers have spent up to 17,800 years to play in the MapleStory totally.



Accordingly, the total playing time that gamers have "consumed" in Maple Story to 17,800 years, equivalent to about 156 million hours playing. The most notables one is these figures represent the original MapleStory -- not MapleStory 2, the sequel released in July 2015.


This can be seen as a quite unexpected information that Nexon to give the fans a worldwide MapleStory. Be aware that this online game which has been released since 2003 Nexon in Korea, and as of today has gone through 13 years of age.


In the margins of the information published MapleStory is Nexon, there were 84 075 cases, the "divorce" regrettably happened in the game, while today there are only 79 944 gamers are in marital status.


Additionally, the current player characters in the game have reached 12,985,342 to date.