MapleStory Beast Tamer Guide

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/14/15 11:25:59 Views: 1388


A new class

Animal lovers rejoice... the Beast Tamer has arrived! A tomboy, Chase has dreamed of being a hero since she was little. Now her dream is coming true, as Chase has gained the ability to commune with animals. Chase can channel the powers of her furry and feathered companions, and together they strive to help all the residents of Maple World!


Animal Instincts

Chase is a Magician that uses the INT stat, and her character strengths vary based on which animal mode you use. Harness the powers of the bear, the snow leopard, the hawk, and the cat as you guide Chase towards her destiny. 


Tons of skills

Each animal mode has different personality characteristics and strengths for dynamic gameplay. With over 70 diverse skills, including over 20 active attack skills, it's easy to find a mode suited just for you! Tap into your wild side and play as a Beast Tamer!