MapleStory BEYOND Update: First Patch Evolve

Maplestoryer Date: Jan/07/17 11:54:14 Views: 1295

After the large-scale winter update of MapleStory: BEYOND: WONDER WINTER have been announced by Nexon. The official site released the first patch of the MapleStory BEYOND update which titled "Evolve".


The patch includes the new set of 5th job skills for all jobs, as well as Hard Lucid and a few theme dungeon tweaks. Here we'll post some contents of the BEYOND update.




As a reminder, here is the schedule for the MapleStory BEYOND update.


Wonder Winter (December 22)

  • Dream Breaker

  • Mu Lung Dojo Formidable Foes

Evolve (January 5)

  • New 5th job skills for all jobs

  • Lucid Hard Mode

Union (January 19)

  • Maple Union

  • Omega Sector

Arcana (February 9)

  • Arcane River’s 4th area: Arcana


Here's the Update Information Centre video for this patch, which shows off some of the new 5th job skills.