Maplestory Dragon Knight

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Dragon Knight is the one of the third job advancements for Warrior Class. They are known as the mobbing masters, with the main attacking skills designed to hit mobs of all sizes. They are also one of the fastest levelers in level 70-120 because of their skill Dragon Roar which can hit up to 15 Monsters at once. Once you reach level 70, you are qualified to be a Dragon Knight. After reaching level 70, you will obtain a Dark Crystal. Then you can go to Orbis and head down Orbis tower in order to get to El Nath. At El Nath, look for the highest portal on the map and go inside it. There will be three people inside it, one of which is named Tylus. Speak to him and then return to Dances with Balrog, who you should find in Perion. When you speak to him, he will teleport you to a dungeon. Walk through it until you reach the 24 hour store, named Ant Tunnel Park. Find the Door of Dimensions and go inside. Go to the end of the area you just got to, you should find the Dark Warrior. He will drop a black charm when you defeat him. Go back to Dances with Balrog and give him the Black Charm. He will take it from you and in return, he will give you a Necklace of Strength, which you need to bring back to Tylus in El Nath. When you finish doing so, leave El Nath using a door to the right. Keep heading through portals until you reach the map titled "El Nath: Ice Valley II". Go to the very top until you reach a portal to Sharp Cliff 2. When you get there, you will have to find a secret portal in the top right part of the map, so just keep pressing up in that area until you find it. When you get inside, you'll be in the map "Holy Ground at the Snowfield". Find and double click on the green dot and you will have to answer five questions. Take your time, because you will be forced to start all over if you get any of these questions wrong. After answering the questions correctly, you will be given a Necklace of Wisdom. Take it back to Tylus, talk to him, and you will be given the choice of whether you want to become a Dragon Knight. When you become a Dragon Knight, you can start your adventure. If you are a member of warrior class and you want to be a Dragon Knight immediately, maplestoryer will help you achieve your dream.