Maplestory Guide:drop mesos fast and read the map

Maplestoryer Date: Jan/26/15 14:32:55 Views: 1445



How to drop mesos fast:


1) Open your inventory menu

2) Click on the coin icon to open the input meso menu

3) Drag the OK buttom of your input meso menu over the coin icon of your inventory menu.

4) Always input the maximum input lenght, e.g for 1000 mesos input 0000001000 and copy & paste it

5) CTRL+V -> Click -> CTRL+V -> Click ... to drop bags of mesos without moving your mouse


How to read the map:


A - spot where you can snipe vikings with assaulter

T - spot where you can kill a mob with thieves

ME - spot where you can herd mobs of vikings and OHKO them with 10 x 1000 / 14 x 700 / etc. (depending on your level of ME) bags of mesos with meso explosion

SB - spot where you can snipe vikings with savage blow


All plattforms have a number that I will refer to. Plattforms that are not very suitable for bandits will have a [bad] notice. Partying or sharing this map with chars that can clear those spots for you will save you a lot of money and speed up training.