Maplestory: help you turn "Noob" to "Pro"

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/06/15 00:48:20 Views: 1822


This is going to help you on how to act pro in Maplestory. This article is going to turn you from "Noob" to "Pro" .It's pretty simple really...


1.Do not beg others for mesos or equips or even ask them to buy you equips. You can however, sell some familiar cards that drop from monsters, for around 1mil+.


2.Try to make mesos on your own. Check the other wikiHows to see how you can earn mesos.


3.Also do not beg for fame or hold a grudge against others by asking players to mass defame that person or guild. This can hurt your reputation and fame.


4.Once you're about 75~100 or so, start wearing noob clothes in populated High-level player areas. It's kinda like surviving High School. Spamming is a noobish thing to do also.


5.If you wanna act funny around the pros get a summoning bag.(eg. Mushmom sack, Balrog sack,Toy robo sack, and Toy Trojan sack) You can do the Gold Richie events for Mysterious Sacks from the eggs. Go to an equipment store, use an Echo Megaphone or a Super Megaphone, open the bag and go on a noob-killing spree!