Maplestory Keywords and Training Tips

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No-Job= A appearance that chooses not to accomplish the job advance at akin 10.


PQ= Affair Quest ~ Over the years beginners accept become actual codicillary on affair quests so you will see a lot of them mentioned throughout this guide.


Note: All PQ's calibration to your akin now, try to get humans about your akin to optimize the EXP gain.


P.P.A.= Affair Play Area ~ These areas (such as Stronghold and Hall of Honor) net you an added 50% exp per affair affiliate in the map. It is about consistently (I will accurately acknowledgment if it is not) recommended to accept a abounding affair with a kanna (they access monster spawn rate) and a apparition or abbey to HS the party.


Leechless HS ~ A Bishop/Phantom that is switched in and out of the affair for the sole purpose of giving the attacker/leecher the Holy Symbol buff.


Leech/Leeching ~ Leeching is artlessly partying up with someone, and absolution them annihilate the monsters about you. Since you're in their party, a fractional bulk of the acquaintance will go to you, in aspect acceptance you to "leech" their work. Even admitting this adviser is anachronous it could still advice you accept the abstraction of leeching. Leeching Guide.


Tip: Familiars are a beginners best friend. As a abecedarian familiars are the alone accessible way to mob. To aerate your DPS and advice with you training acceleration I acclaim accepting a able familiar. For added advice on familiars apprehend on.