MapleStory Mesos hunter

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/02/15 11:27:19 Views: 1231

The Attack on Titan crossover with MapleStory is far from over. As such, we are here with another guide for the events Maplers can join during the crossover. Get Play Coins, themed items and more for your MapleStory Mesos hunter.



MapleStory Mesos hunters attack daily


The Daily Attack on Maple event requires characters level 30 and above to simply log in. Once inside the game, the quest will reward the character with five play coins. Maplers can choose whether these will be five Training Coins or five Wall Coins. Note that only one character per world can receive the reward each day.


The Attack on Mission event has players hunt 300 monsters to receive either one Training or Wall Coin. The monsters need to be around the characters level to count. This event can be completed up to five times each day. You’ll be able to get MapleStory Mesos and coins in one go!


More EXP for MapleStory Mesos hunters


Running from January 21 to February 18 is the Attack on EXP event. This event is applicable only to Maplers level 30 and up. For this event, players simply need to log in during the weekends. Upon arrival in-game, eligible players will be given eight 1.5x EXP (30 min) Coupons. Note that the coupons can be moved between characters on the account. Additionally, the quest can only be completed once a week per character.


Rewards for MapleStory Mesos hunters


Completing the main Attack on Titan event quests and episodes reward players with various themed items. Simply finishing the main story will give Maplers an Other World Regiment Badge. Meanwhile, finishing the mini-games and the Battle of Wall Rose will give players a reward box. Higher ranking will make the box give better rewards. Note however that the rewards are given randomly. These include [Attack on Titan] Totem Pouch, [Attack on Titan] Badge Box, various scrolls, Play Coins and more. To check out a complete list, including the contents of the Totem Pouch and Badge Box, check the official event announcement page.