Maplestory Method to be a Master Assassin

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The Explorer Assassins are some of the most popular classes on MapleStory. They throw stars and can use MP to increase the Speed and Jump of their party members. Here is how to make your character a master assassin.




1.An Apache is a chic of Bandit that uses throwing stars with a claw. They can accord absolutely top amounts of accident actual aboriginal on, and are one of the best classes both aboriginal and backward in levels.


2.There are two chic groups that accept assassins accessible - Explorers and Cygnus Knights. Cygnus Knights are abundant faster to akin (they accretion 10% of their EXP bar anniversary akin up for chargeless and get +6 adeptness credibility per akin instead of +5), but they are bound to akin 120. Accustomed Explorers, however, accept a absolute of akin 200, and are a bit added flexible.


3.When you begin, artlessly chase the instructions and complete anniversary adventure given. For Explorers, this should get you abreast abundant to akin 10 (remember to allocution to Olaf at Lith Harbour), at which point you can bolt the cab to Kerning City-limits and allocution to the Dark Lord to become a bandit (found central the thieves' hideout, in the boilerplate of the city). For Cygnus, stop as anon as you adeptness akin 10 and accomplish the job advance with Eckhart.


4.At this point, you accept a best of your AP (ability point) build. There are three types: Dexless, Low-dex and Approved dex. The added DEX you put in, the beneath money you will accept to absorb on equips, but the beneath able you will be. If you are starting beginning with no money, just go for approved dex. The blow of your AP goes into LUK.


Regular Dex just auto-assigns DEX until you adeptness your cap (most players accept to cap about 80-110)


Low-Dex thieves cap their dex abundant lower, about 40-60 usually. This is added of a antithesis amid ability and practicality.


Dexless thieves add no dex whatsoever to the starting 25 DEX. This agency you charge added money as you will accept to buy appropriate equips that don't crave DEX. The accommodation is that you accept abundant college damage, as your accident is mostly afflicted by LUK.


5.This is a recommended Skill Body for 1st Job. Put one point into Lucky Seven to alpha training (you should ALWAYS use it for everything, never accustomed attack). Next you max Keen Eyes so that you can act like a able ranged class, afore pumping L7. Nimble Body is actual helpful, and Dark Sight is huge after on but not that advantageous yet, so it comes last. The added 3 credibility arbitrarily go into Double Stab, as they have to all be spent afore advancing. Night Walkers should alter Double Stab with Night.

Level 10: +1 Lucky Seven (1)

Level 11: +3 Nimble Body (3)

Level 12: +3 Keen Eyes (3)

Level 13: +2 Keen Eyes (MAX), +1 Lucky Seven (2)

Level 14: +3 Lucky Seven (5)

Level 15: +3 Lucky Seven (8)

Level 16: +3 Lucky Seven (11)

Level 17: +3 Lucky Seven (14)

Level 18: +3 Lucky Seven (17)

Level 19: +3 Lucky Seven (MAX)

Level 20: +3 Nimble Body (6)

Level 21: +3 Nimble Body (9)

Level 22: +3 Nimble Body (12)

Level 23: +3 Nimble Body (15)

Level 24: +3 Nimble Body (18)

Level 25: +2 Nimble Body (MAX), +1 Disorder (1)

Level 26: +2 Disorder (3), +1 Dark Sight (1)

Level 27: +3 Dark Sight (4)

Level 28: +3 Dark Sight (7)

Level 29: +3 Dark Sight (MAX)

Level 30: +3 Double Stab (3)

Become a Master Assassin on Maple Story Step 6.jpg

6At the end, you should have:

Nimble Body: 20 (Max)

Lucky Seven: 20 (Max)

Keen Eyes: 5 (Max)

Dark Sight: 10 (Max)

Disorder: 3

Double Stab: 3

Total SP Spent: 61


7.Go back to the Dark Lord/Eckhart. They will give you a task so you can get your second job advancement. You are now an Assassin!


8.Second Job Skill Build: First off you want to max Critical Throw, as high criticals will give a huge boost to damage. Next you max Haste for its insane mobility - you will fly through maps. Put 5 points into Booster so it lasts for nearly a minute and it's not such a pain to activate. Then Mastery to stabilise your damage (mastery boosts your minimum damage, which increases your average damage and makes it swing less wildly), followed by Drain - you'll never need HP pots again! - and Booster winds up at 11. While Booster is good, it's only a minor pain to reactivate and none of the other skills can be sacrificed (including Shadow Resistance - 10% HP Boost plus Elemental resistance is really good)