MapleStory New Area 'Mysterious Forest Arkanas' Released

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/14/17 10:50:35 Views: 1209

Nexon (CEO, Park Jiwon) has opened a new area 'Arcade in Mystery Forest' on MapleStory, a popular online game that is being provided by the company.



  • • The third theme of 'Beyond' opens a new area that can enter above 225 level

  • • Update the 'Fantastic Theme Park' dungeon with new story background

  • • "Festival all-in-one gift box" event to present rich items


Winter large-scale update The third theme of 'Beyond', 'Arcane of Mystery Forest' is a new area of ​​arcane river 'Arcane River' which was newly released last summer season. It has more than 225 level users who completed ' Can enter from here.


In the Mysterious Forest of Arkanas, various quests, such as 'Little Ghost' and 'Wind Spirit', along with the new NPC (Non Player Character) You can enjoy the battle. In addition, we added a large number of new equipment and items such as 15 kinds of monsters and 'Arcane Symbol: Arkanas'.


Along with this, a new dungeon "Fantastic Theme Park" has been renewed for users who can participate more than 120 levels. With the background of the confessions of 'Daromi', which has succeeded in the 101st proposal after the crisis, it is possible to feel fresh fun with new NPCs and quests such as 'Carrying Dagger' and 'Cloaking Doll'.


NEXON is celebrating the 'FEYE all-in-one gift box' with a lot of benefits such as 'Storm Growth Progress', 'Flavor Royal Hair Coupon' and 'Trendy Royal Plastic Surgical Coupon' Present.


Also, until Feb. 27, when a new character is created, the 'Mystic Secret Box' and 'Legendary Secret Box' that include 'Snail Pet' and 'Black Equipment' Project event.


For more information on the updates and events of MapleStory, please visit the official website or where you can buy cheap maplestory 2 mesos.