Maplestory Patch Notes - Halloween Events

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Maplestory patch notes are out via the official site. As Halloween is coming and within the updates, there are also Halloween events for this game. Let's take a look at the events.Halloween Events take place from October 19 - November 16, which require you with Lv. 33 and more.


Maplestory patch notes - Halloween Events


Secret Stories


  • Take control of the story and decide the endings;
  • Start the quest by clicking the Secret Stories notifier located within the star event notifier on the left side of the screen;
  • In 'The Henesys Haunting', Chief Stan requests help to investigate the strange sightings that have been reported around Henesys. Dig deeper and figure out what's really going on;
  • In 'Maid to Order', investigate the threats made to Phantom's life and discover the secrets kept by all parties involved. Who are your enemies? Who are your allies? There are some things only a Master Thief may know;
  • In 'The Snow Child', investigate the sightings of the Snow Monster that's terrorizing a small village. Where did this beast come from? Why is it attacking?


Rewards: Masque's Mask; Masque's Belt; Masque's Shoulder Accessory


Haunted Mansion


  • Begin the quests for this event by using the star quest notifier and accepting the quest 'Prologue: Invitation';
  • Find out all about the mystery behind the Haunted Mansion, all while attending a party;
  • Hint: If you think you're stuck, check the Star Quest Notifier for help.


Yopu can get the reward with Halloween Mask.


Elite Pumpkin Zombie

  • Occasionally when hunting monsters, there will be an Elite Pumpkin Zombie that appears instead of an Elite Boss;
  • Elite Pumpkin Zombies drop tickets that you can use towards the event, and some Halloween Surprise Badge Boxes. However, make sure to open these boxes fast because they only last for 24 hours;
  • The Halloween Surprise Badge Boxes contain one of two badges: the Worn Halloween Badge, and the Brilliant Halloween Badge. The Worn Halloween Badge has different stats each time you receive one. Although temporary with their 7-day duration, they're still useful;
  • The Brilliant Halloween Badge is permanent and is limited to only one per character.


Rewards: Brilliant Halloween Badge; Elite Pumpkin Pal Chair


Hero’s Gauntlet


  • Accept the quest by clicking on the notification that appears above your character's head every at 15 minutes and 45 minutes past the hour between 6:00 AM and 11:59 PM Pacific;
  • You and other participants will wait in lobby in the order you accepted the invitation. The gauntlet will begin when the number of required members enter the lobby, or when the timer runs out;
  • The event consists of destroying monsters that act as walls, jumping on some platforms, and avoiding deadly pumpkins! Keep in mind that only certain abilities will work in these maps.


After running through the event, you will move to the reward map where the NPC will issue rewards:

Win: Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets (x3)

Draw: Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets (x2)

Lose: Kaleido-Spinner Event Ticket


Halloween Kaleido-Spinner Event


  • Complete quests in the Haunted Mansion to receive Kaleido-Spinner Event Tickets. Accept the quest 'Make Kaleido-Spinner Tickets' to get more information about how to obtain tickets as you explore;
  • The Kaleido-Spinner Event Ticket can be used at any major location where you see NPC Spin Man Dizzy with his Kaleido-Spinner. Aside from major towns, he's also located outside the Haunted Mansion;
  • There are three boxes that you can win at the Kaleido-Spinner: The Halloween Modest Jackpot Box, Halloween Great Jackpot Box, and the Halloween Ultra Jackpot Box;
  • Open your box to find items such as chairs, Elixirs, Spell Traces, or if you're lucky enough, the Halloween Damage Skin.


The Ultra Jackpot Box contains the best rewards, ranging from a special mount coupon to some Halloween equip items: Halloween Earrings, Halloween Ring, Halloween Pendant, Halloween Epaulette.


You can check the whole patch notes on the official site.