MapleStory Rising Heroes Tips

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MapleStory Rising Heroes (You & I) 2014 Best Training Spots for Power Leveling from Level 1 to 100 in 3 days. Recommended for all unfunded jobs Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief, Pirate in Adventurer, Resistance, Cygnus Knights and Legendary Hero. Copy the monster name and adhesive into MapleStory Monster Finder to locate the specific map location. The adviser includes some of the best and another maps if hotspot training arena gets arranged during aiguille hour.


Tips: Don’t overlook that you can columnist “W” in MapleStory to accessible up the World Map, and blazon in the monster name or the map name to acquisition the exact area from area you are. Also, the Maple adviser provided in-game advantage in MapleStory isn’t too bad, you are chargeless to chase that adviser (auto-teleports you to that map) or chase abundance actuality for area I’ll be trainining. With that all covered, lets activate the training guide.


In addition, yield agenda area the monsters resides and how far they reside from your job hometown. Example: monsters in Pantheon are for Kaiser/Angelic Buster admitting monsters in Edelstein are for Resistance jobs as its afterpiece to their hometown, but you accept the advantage to appointment Victoria Island or added maps based on the advice beneath if you don’t apperception the added accomplishment of brief there for training.