Maplestory specific level ranges---part one

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Below are specific Maplestory level ranges. In general, you will want to stay in one area for that range of levels. It is possible to tackle monsters of up to 20 levels higher than you, if you have enough accuracy to hit them. 


You can also do Party Quests for experience, though finding a party willing to do them is a task all it's own. Some of them have reasonably good exp returns, while others are primarily for the loot or the bosses it opens up.



Levels 1 - 10

A lot of classes accept a tutorial to chase that will yield you through the basics of the game. It will aswell accord you a few chargeless potions and set you apart about akin 10-13. If you accept to annihilate monsters, one map alfresco of any boondocks will be abounding of simple things to kill. These aboriginal ten levels yield no added than twenty account at the most.


Levels 11 - 20

Blue Ribbon Pigs. These are found in an area to the right of Nautilus Harbor. The map is long and flat, the spawn is high and the monsters are weak. This will easily take you to level 20.

Horned and Zombie Mushrooms. These are found outside of Henesys. They are a bit slower than blue ribbon pigs, but there are several available maps and they are close to town.

Quests. Specifically, many of the newer character classes receive a chain of quests telling them to target specific monsters. These monsters tend to be good training for the level where you receive the quest.


Levels 21 - 30

Quests. Already again, abounding classes accept adapted monster hunting quests that adviser them into areas breadth they accept the best training for their levels. The adventure acquaintance is still appealing acceptable at this level, and can be absolutely account the effort.


Stone Golems and Mixed Golems. Activate added into Henesys, above mushrooms, the golem temples acquaint you to ample monsters. They are huge and apathetic moving, and anatomy accomplished training until akin 30. The maps tend to be vertical rather than horizontal, but a lot of attacks can hit added than one belvedere at once. Be acquainted that you may bake through abounding potions here..


Levels 31 - 40

Quests. At this point, quests begin to slow down, and many of them are no longer worth the time and effort. If they send you against monsters you're already hunting, all the better. Beyond this point, you can safely ignore any quest not marked as class-essential in your quest log.


Mushroom Kingdom. The angel of the Mushroom Kingdom has been kidnapped by King Pepe. This is the aboriginal of abounding Affair Dungeons. These dungeons accommodate you with a advantageous adventure band catastrophe at a almost simple boss. Monsters throughout Mushroom Kingdom are simple to annihilate and action top acquaintance for these levels. You will accept to complete the quests to get added in the alcove to acquisition the best monsters.


Ellinel Bogie Academy. This is a affair alcove agnate to the Mushroom Kingdom dungeon; a beeline breadth with a accessory plot. The bogie accouchement accept gone missing and it is up to you to bright the name of the animal trapped at the academy, acquisition the accouchement and defeat their captor. The quests are actual simple and mostly absorb killing enemies. One adventure requires aperture envelopes until you get a specific result, which is awful random, so it ability yield as few as one or as abounding as 50 envelopes. The acquaintance is on par with Mushroom Kingdom, but the quests absorb beneath collecting, authoritative it an accomplished alternative. When you ability the adapted level, a adventure will arise in your aftereffect that teleports you to Fanzy in Ellinia, or you can airing to the cat NPC in being out the arctic aboideau of said city.