Maplestory specific level ranges---part three

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This is the third part, you can see the other Maplestory specific level ranges in our site.


Levels 71 - 80

Sand Rats and Scorpions. Yield the address from Orbis to Arient, and again from there yield the biscuit cab just alfresco of boondocks to Magatia. Alfresco Magatia you will acquisition beach rats and scorpions, both of which are continued collapsed maps with accomplished spawns. You will apparently get hit actual often, so accompany affluence of potions.


Straw and Wooden Target Dummies. These are activate to the appropriate of Mu Lung, which can be accessed from Orbis. Again, the maps are continued and collapsed with appropriate spawns, and these enemies almost action back. Few humans appointment them as well, authoritative them nice accessory training location.


Sakura Castle. This is addition affair dungeon, focused on killing ninjas in feudal Japan. There isn't abundant noteworthy about this area, except that the end bang-up drops actual acceptable potions you can use for a continued time or advertise for a profit.


Levels 81 - 100


Roids. These are monsters in the technology ancillary of Magatia, to the appropriate of town. They accept one small, collapsed map and action a abundant accord of acquaintance with actual little drawbacks. They aswell accept an abstract mini-dungeon for a harassment-free experience.


Pantheon. About akin 90, quests in the added apple of Pantheon activate to accessible up. These quests are the lead-up to angry the alarming Magnus, which you will not be able to handle at this level; in fact, Magnus is difficult for akin 200+ players. The quests, however, absorb assault a few accessory administration and are reasonable acquaintance for this level. To ability this area, yield the ample white aboideau from the Six Path Crossway.


Cooking with Tangyoon. This affair adventure continues to be reasonable acquaintance for these levels, admitting it tapers off about 90. It is absolutely simple and absolutely boring, however, so it's brash that you alone do a brace of runs if you can't angle it.


Monster Park Extreme. MPE alone lasts until akin 100, so accomplish use of the still-fabulous acquaintance as continued as you can. Three runs a day is alone bisected an hour, but you can calmly akin 1-2 times during those runs.


Levels 101 - 110


Evolution Apple System. A aberrant abridged figure will arise at the ancillary of your screen, aperture up the Evolution System for your use. You will accept to use a dimensional mirror to teleport to the area, breadth you accept to complete a brace of quests to accretion admission to the area. The Evolution Apple is special; you use cores in appropriate slots to adapt the apple inside. 


The important affair to apperceive is this: Always use the accomplished monster citizenry and monster akin cores you have. Use boosts to the monster HP as well, but be acquainted that HPx20 is difficult for low-level players to handle. You can acquirement some cores from the bread shop, while others are alone activate as monster drops central the Evo World. NOTE: As anon as you enter, accomplish your way to Link 3, the aperture anon aloft and a little to the larboard of your admission point. This breadth has aerial monsters and a aberrant apparatus in the middle. Every minute or so, the apparatus will transform. In one state, it does nothing. In the added state, it draws all monsters in the map to its location. Angle next to this apparatus and the monsters will fly to the slaughter. Like Monster Park Extreme, these monsters akin up with you, authoritative this breadth accomplished training for a continued time to come. You can admission the Evo Apple up to 5 times anniversary day, and anniversary admission is bound to 30 minutes.


Herb Boondocks Pirates. Going to Mu Lung or to Assemble Boondocks allows you admission to the map amid them, which is breadth the assemble pirates reside. There are several maps advance out a part of Captains and Krus, both of which accept appropriate acquaintance and a top spawn amount if you can't acquisition an aliens map.