Maplestory specific level ranges---part two

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This is the second part, you can see the other Maplestory specific level ranges in our site.


Levels 41 - 50


Drakes. These are begin alfresco of the Sleepywood area. Copper drakes, drakes, red drakes, ice drakes and aphotic drakes are all boring accretion in akin and experience. There are aswell bisected a dozen altered maps to accept from, giving you affluence of variety.

Kerning Shopping Center. The Kerning Square affair alcove begins at akin 40, but you can go there at any point from the alms below Kerning. The questline has been adapted and now involves beneath hunting and bead accession for agnate experience. The quests are valuable, and the monsters accomplish acceptable training on your way to 50. CDs at the top acclimated to be the best map, but they accept been afflicted to spawn on two platforms, slowing training slightly.


Gold Beach. This is a new affair alcove that can be accomplished through the pilot Irvin at the six aisle crossway. He will fly you to Gold Richie's bank resort, breadth you are affected as assassin help. Quests alternating amid killing enemies and award drops, and they all accord appropriate experience. Kerning Square on its own will not acceptable akin you to 50, so you can complete both affair dungeons during your ten-level span.


Monster Esplanade Extreme. This aberration on Monster Esplanade is accessible from akin 40 until akin 100, and it is an accomplished training area. You are able to yield the shuttle from any above boondocks to the Monster Esplanade area, breadth you can affirmation three Monster Esplanade Acute tickets every day. These tickets assemblage in your inventory, so affirmation them even if you don't accept time to use them in a day; there is no absolute to the amount of circadian runs you can complete, as continued as you accept tickets. Monster Esplanade Acute spawns monsters with actual top HP and EXP ethics in top body in one of several accidental maps. You accept ten account per admission to annihilate as abounding as you can. The monsters akin up with you, so the acquaintance is acceptable at every akin ambit you can enter.



Levels 51 - 60


Chyrse. The amphibian island of the giants, Chyrse, is a affair alcove begin alfresco of Orbis. Talk to the man with the cat on his arch to the larboard of town, and you will be able to fly to Chyrse at akin 50. The quests are added annoying than the added affair dungeons, but the ferrets and the mammoths are accomplished training until akin 60.


Teddies and Trojans. Fly from Orbis to Ludibrium and alpha the coast into the axial tower. You will acquisition teddies, blush teddies, panda teddies and toy trojans in the aboriginal level. Anniversary of these is a high-spawn map with affluence of variety.


Riena Straight. Another new affair dungeon, demography abode in the Aran home boondocks of Rien. You are tasked with advertent why the glaciers are melting. This alcove has a different address sailing artisan for traveling to alone areas. Quests chase the accepted cast of annihilate a few enemies and boodle a few drops, with a bang-up at the end of the adventure string. The acquaintance is actual good. Additionally, the questline rewards you with a different face accent with accessory carbon boosts.


Monster Esplanade Extreme. The acute adaptation of monster esplanade continues to be accomplished experience, bound alone by the amount of tickets you can obtain. Don't overlook to aces up and advertise the accessories drops for a little added cash.


Levels 61 - 70


Monster Esplanade Extreme. MPE continues to be accomplished acquaintance in this akin range; in fact, as you abound stronger and can annihilate the monsters added quickly, your acquaintance assets will increase.


Zeta Grays. Warning: alone if you accept acceptable accuracy. These monsters are akin 78 and may be harder to annihilate otherwise. To acquisition them, yield the crisis area auto from Ludibrium to Omega Sector. To the larboard of the town, chase the basal aisle three maps to the left. This takes you to a allowance abounding of aerial aliens. These aliens are top body and fast spawning, and they consistently appear to you. You can calmly alternation until akin 75 or 80 here.


Cooking with Tangyoon. Visiting the new accumulated affair adventure map grants you admission to the Cooking with Tangyoon quest. It involves acrimonious the appropriate monsters to spawn for anniversary accustomed recipe, killing 100 of them and acquisition a boss. Done properly, the adventure can accord a abounding akin with anniversary run. 


Additionally, some appropriate items can be purchased with the tokens accustomed for completion. You can run this adventure with two humans and it can be run up to ten times anniversary day. Keep addendum on the recipes; if you bang the appropriate monster, the apprehension will say something about accomplished cuisine.