MapleStory: The Element You Should Pay Attention When Playing

Maplestoryer Date: Jan/18/17 13:33:13 Views: 1154

The goal that we play MapleStory is upgrading your character and winning a high level. It's very hard to level up when your character reaches certain rate. This guide will show you how to be more of a mapler from being high levels. There are some tricks you need to know.



Be Patient: The more you are impatient, they are more likely to have stress, and with stress you are leveling slower than you are supposed to.


Jobs: Pick a job that has mob skills during 1st Adv, or/and 2nd Adv. For example: Warrior(Slash Blast), Lightning wizard(use of lighting and get your ice later on because you will get it fast enough), Hunter (Bomb arrow).


Monsters: Go to places where you can kill in 1-2 hit KO (Knock Out) and is not a lot for Potions.


Equipments: Get your equipment every 10 Levels after(not 5).


Money: Buy at least 500k(minimum) worth of both HP/MP Potions. Why? Do the Math. 500k spent, benefit from spending and killing equals to more than 1Mill, So if you spend 5Mill on Potions, you Have a Benefit to come to 7mil or even 20Mil(This all depends on where you are killing everything whether 5 hit KO or 1 Hit KO).


Will (a very difficult thing that makes people beginners, or makes them the very professional player): Make a will. You have to get to the Level you want, so if you want to get to Level 50 and you are Level 30, so then keep training and not stop, and the will is: If you stop you will have to drop 1/4 of your money or 1/2 of you money in town and a lot of people are on the channel.


Once you start a game like MapleStory, these elements you should notice and pay attention to it.