MapleStory Tips to Earn Mesos

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The meso is the virtual currency used in the game. It is used either to buy items from NPCs or to trade with other players. Mesos are obtained through quests, by killing monsters, and through commerce with NPCs or other players. In this page, several tips to earn mesos will be given.


MapleStory Tips to Earn Mesos


Tip 1. Quests


Do the Orbis or Eos Tower quests everyday for about a week or so and sell all the scrolls you get. Each one can go for about 90-200k, which can get you a lot if you get enough scrolls.(High Level required).


Tip 2. Training


PQ will give rewards that you can sell for much mesos. Quests also gives rewards and mesos that you can keep or sell. Make sure you have fun while playing! Some PQS give you equips that you can use or sell. Training at  at Sakura Cellions in Amoria will give you a ridiculous amount of money compared to their level. (Easier to get to).


Tip 3. Trading


First, check the FM for good deals, and sell them; Second, on Sundays, buy the sharks from the 7th Day Market. Sell them to the merchant at a higher price; Third, sell fame to players willing to buy it for 50k or higher. Go to Henesys. There will be some people saying either B>FAME (amount of meso) or buying fame:


Find the highest amount and trade the player

Tell the player that you are going to increase his fame

Double check the amount.

Go to the player and increase his fame. You will get around 2 million a day if you do this. However, you can only can do this once a day and you cannot increase; the same player again must wait for another month.


Forth, buy green paintbrushes at Ninja Castle in World Tour. Sell them for 200k; you make double the amount it sells for. Last step is to do PvP. Redeem your Gallent Emblems for Mystery scrolls and recipes and sell them for 4-6mil.


Some other tips like:


Try to pick up mesos that are left by other users. A good place for looting for beginners is the Subway in Kerning City. This is almost reserved for a Sin.


During MapleStory events where Maple Items are available, hunt for the weapons and Maple Leaves, then sell them for profit.


Try to play during 2x drop rate hours. The average time is 2-4 pm PST (5-7 PM EST). Nexon hosts them when there's a rollback, on MapleStory's birthday (May), the summer, or on holidays.


Hope these tips will be working for you. Besides, you can get MS mesos from our website, which is a good place to have stock and fast delivery.