Maplestory Tips to Optimize Your Character Class

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/07/15 11:45:50 Views: 2237


Playing with friends splits the EXP which you desperately need, but you will find yourself having more fun. For some people, this helps them level with motivation.

On Maple Island, talk to EVERY NPC. The quests and info will help.


Trade fame! It will make you be able to wear better items and shows people that you have a good reputation.


The problem with a Warrior's Slash Blast is that is steals HP from you. Make sure you hit a larger mob and kill them, or you'll be dead very fast!


In the Henesys PQ, you receive only EXP. for a reward and if you collect 20 Rice Cakes, you get a hat. In the Kerning PQ, you can sell the rewards you get. When you are level 30, you can PvP, earn some Gallent Emblems, and trade them for rewards, or use them to make Shoulder equips (Accessory Crafting)


If you enjoy Maple Story a lot, get Cash. No need to worry if you have no credit card, the nearest Walmart or Best Buy will probably have Karma Koins in $10, $25 or $50! Good options includes mastery books for Evans and Dual Blades, a store permit, Gachapon tickets, and using them in the MTS. If you like another game by Nexon and have bought  Cash for one certain game, such as Mabinogi (ex. services), you may realize that the  Cash can also be used on MapleStory, and vice versa. If you can't be bothered buying , do some offers in the "Earn " section. However,  you earned will be " Credit". You can earn free  from events, they come in the form of Maple Points. Also hands out Maple Points to victims of their roll backs, they give you 5000 Maple Points in average.


GMs are there to help you! Don't shoot them down! If you happen to see one, don't bother them. Just say "Hi" and press F2 to smile, then calmly walk away. Remember, they can hide themselves, and it is very rare for them to be seen. VERY. In some events, if you find them, you get 5000 Maple Points.


If you want to get into a Party Quest easier, join a newer server. Or, play right after a new patch (try to begin the download as close to the upload of it as possible). Usually after a patch, there is only 5 other people in Channel 1.