Maplestory Transportation: Quickest Methods To Travel

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Welcome back to another tips article for Maplestory. Here is an useful Maplestory Guide. This guide's purpose is to help players navigate the game both quickly and efficiently. There are a few of the best means of transportation in the game.



Quickest Free Methods Of Transportation


Lvl 100+


With the Mushroom Shrine update brought a new way of quickly traveling around maple world. This method allows players to teleport to Henesys rather quickly without the use of a return scroll or the dimensional mirror located in various towns.


1. Go to the left of your screen and click the book with a maple leaf on it.

2. The number of icons will appear and you will need click the "Mushroom Shrine" icon.

3. Accept the quest "Go to Mushroom Shrine" and you will be teleported to that location.

4. Locate the giant crystal npc named "Heart of Zipangu" and confirm you would like to move to Henesys.

5. Once you reach Henesys, on the left of your screen you should select "Quick Move."

6. Select the ship icon and move to "Victoria Tree Platform."

7. Descend down the ladder in this map and you will reach "6 Path Crossway."

8. Locate the Interdimensional portal and travel to Pantheon.

9. Once moved, speak to the same npc once more to be given the option to travel to most towns in the game.


Lvl 33+


For players who have not reached level 100 or above, there are two different methods you can use. The first of the two requires starting FriendStory and watching a short cut-scene. (This is a one-time requirement.)


1. Locate the Dimensional Mirror located in various towns throughout the game and select "FriendStory" as your destination.

2. Once moved, take the portal to your left to reach the town of Henesys.

3. From here, do steps 5-9 from the very first method.


This other method is just a bit slower, but will allow you to skip watching the cut-scene in FriendStory. Make sure you accept the light bulb quest "Spirit's Whisper if you haven't already. (This will be required to use this method of travel.)


1. Locate the Dimensional Mirror located in various towns throughout the game and select "Alishan" as your destination

2. Once moved, make your way left in the map until you see a portal on a platform in the upper left of the map.

3. Press up and click "YES" to move to Henesys.

4. From here, do steps 5-9 from the very first method.


Quickest Methods Need NX/Mesos


1. Visit the cash shop at the bottom of your screen and find the tab to the left called "Time Savers."

2. Locate the item named "Hyper Teleport Rock."

3. Depending on the world you are in, the item will require either mesos or NX to purchase.

4. Once purchased, you are allowed to use this item to teleport to most maps in the game for the duration of the item.


The second-quickest free method of transportation requires simply sitting through the FriendStory intro sequence. Alishan dumps you in random places in Henesys, but FS will always poop you out of the closet house or whatever it's called. Just throwin it out there, not to detract at all from what you've already got. It probably is faster in the long run.


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