Maplestoryer - The Top Guides for Dark Knight 2018 What Do You Guys Think

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To me a guide is when your explaining how the class works and its pros and cons, its strength and weaknesses also giving Tips. I feel like most videos that are called guides nowadays are just skill showcase videos and to me those are not guides! I see a lot of written guides on classes and I know not everyone wants to read plus there's not a lot of videos on guides so I felt like making a one. 


I don't like to talk about every skill the class has, as with most of my guides I like to talk about skills that people use often or things that people don't know about like with magic crash. I'm not saying that everything in this video was 100% right and most is just my opinion so keep that in mind.?


Here are my thoughts on guide:


First of all, it's definitely meant to be viewed from the perspective of a early-mid game player, which is important to mention because most of what's covered in this guide focuses on that area of progression.


Second of all, while I understand your choice to make a video guide over a written guide, a lot of the value in a written guide is the ability to clearly organize and search for information. Your video feels it doesn't flow logically, with facts coming in no particular order. In my opinion, this makes it more difficult for people watching to get the information they need.


Here is the order of how you discuss topics:


1. Spear of Darkness

2. Radiant Evil

3. Farming

4. Bossing

5. Weapon Aura

6. Magic Crash

7. Hyper Stats

8. V Matrix

9. Final Pact

10. Pros and Cons


Here is how I would organize the information:

Pros and Cons




V Matrix and Stats


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