Merchanting Tips to earn Maplestory mesos

Maplestoryer Date: Mar/02/15 11:45:17 Views: 1149


1. Know your prices.


Knowing the prices of the items your buying or selling is a key part of making money while merchanting. Checking basilmarket, MTS, and FM often is the best way to stay on top of your prices. FM prices are always higher than basilmarket prices, a 9-10mil 60% Overall Dex on Basil market can be 12-14 Mil in the FM, and around 1k-1.5k NX. Always buy scrolls/items for the basilmarket price, and sell for the FM price.


2. Know where to buy.


Knowing breadth to buy the items that you plan on affairs will advice you accomplish money tremendously. PQ areas are the best places to buy scrolls, faculty there are consistently humans there, and the accolade for the PQ may be a scroll. Acceptable PQ areas would be, Kerning City, Ludi Maze PQ Area, Eos Tower 101st floor, Magatia PQ Juliet side( I alone acclaim this breadth if your PQing in magatia anyway), Orbis PQ. The FM is aswell a acceptable abode to buy items BUT there is so abundant antagonism that it is generally a affliction in the ass. Mushshrine Gachapon is aswell a acceptable best to alpha with as that gachapon apparatus rewards you with acceptable scrolls and equipments that admired highly.


3.Seize the moment.


If you see someone buying for a good price or selling for cheap be sure to take advantage of it. Don't wait till later to see if there still buying/selling, because chances are that they will not be.


4.Form relationships.


Making friends who often sell/buy a certain item that you merchant will bring in a continuous stream of either mesos, or items. Being an honest buyer/seller will guarantee that you have people that will bring you customers or sellers. Scamming is a big mistake that some people make for a quick profit.


5.Kill the competition


Because anybody abroad is aswell aggravating to accomplish a accumulation with merchanting, you have to be able to out buy your competitors, this may amount you added money but it will accompany in added items. Lower prices in your boutique may aswell accomplish you lose some money but it will accomplish your items advertise faster than the college priced ones. (For sellers at accomplished amount possible, buy out shops that advertise the account for beneath than your shop, and advertise for your price. Alone do this if you KNOW that you can advertise the account for more, and if you can get a acceptable FM spot.)