New price for Maplestory pets and spring

Maplestoryer Date: Mar/31/15 11:29:40 Views: 1200

 We are aback with this week’s album on which hot MapleStory items are on auction in the Cash Shop. This week, Maplers can acceptable Spring with a beautiful Butterfly Pet and Abiding Equipment Covers themed for the advancing season. Players who accomplish a accumulation from affairs items will aswell be animated to apperceive that the Cash Shop has a few items for them on sale.



Hunt MapleStory Items with a Butterfly Pet


Featured in the Limited Time Specials class of the MapleStory Cash Shop are Butterfly Abiding Pet Packages. Available from March 18 to March 24, anniversary amalgamation sells for the discounted amount of 13,935 NX. Anniversary amalgamation comes with a abiding Butterfly pet and a Rose that it can equip. To augment your pet, the backpack aswell contains 6 Premium Pet Food. If you wish to accord your pet a name, a Pet Name Tag is aswell included. As with a lot of pet bales offered in the Cash Shop, this amalgamation aswell includes an Auto HP Potion Skill and an Auto All Cure Skill. Lastly, two Scrolls for Pet Equip. for ATT 60% and two Scrolls for Pet Equip. for M.ATT 60% are included in the package.


Spring covers for your MapleStory Items


These go over your MapleStory items to change their look. Among the covers on auction is the Tomato Package. This 9,000 NX backpack contains a Tomato Hat, Tomato Accouterments and a Tomato Ring. Other items on auction cover Honey Beet Hat for 1,000 NX, a Honeybee Costume for 2,000 NX and a Honeybee’s Sting aswell for 2,000 NX. Strawberry Headgear for females go for 1,000 NX while the Strawberry Girl accouterments for them sells for 4,000 NX. Complete the attending with Strawberry Shoes for just 3,000 NX.


MapleStory Items for merchants on sale


Finally, merchants who wish to change the attending of their arrest in the Free Market can aces up a new one amid March 18 and March 24. The Homely Coffeehouse (1 Day) is on auction for just 1,000 NX. During the aforementioned period, Scissors of Karma and Platinum Scissors of Karma are on auction for 2,250 NX and 3,000 NX respectively. These can accomplish untradeable items, tradeable.