Niantic Reveal A New Mobile App - MapleStory 2 Go

Maplestoryer Date: Apr/03/17 10:44:15 Views: 1694

Have you seen the new mobile app in the official site of MapleStory 2? It's a new update titled MapleStory 2 Go that will be released on April 1.



You should know that MapleStory 2 Go is focused directly on the monsters of Maple World. Here are some things you can do with the new app:


• Grow together with your monsters and watch them evolve!

• Catch any monster you want!

• Fight together with your monsters in battle!



According to the official notes, preregistration is open from March 23 to April 3. The app will bring you 100 Merit as a reward. Additionally, the app is available to download since April 3 and you will receive a special gift once you do so.