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Which Class is the Hardest To Play in Maple Story

So recently I've gotten back into Maplestory because I've once lost control of life. This time I want a class that isn't just mashing the same skill over and over.

How To Quickly Upgrade Equips and Range in Maplestory

Your dailies will eventually give you a Superior and reinforced gollux ring, sweetwater glasses and tattoo. Buy an emblem.

Maple Story 2 Closed Beta Test is in Full Swing

Trove has helped soften my need for MMORPG realism preferences, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp also offered some resolve but I’m still not completely at ease and need to know: Is Maple Story 2 enjoyable for someone like me who's also never played the original?

How Much Money Do You Spend on Maplestory

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to this game, and am unsure of what the later part of the game consists of. I see people constantly talking about "investment" and assume this is referring to real money stuff.

What about DB or Evan for A Beginner in Maplestory

I'm trying to get a friend into Maplestory, but am having difficulty figuring out what class to suggest. I know a common suggestion is Lumi, but I'm 99% sure she would hate it.

Maplestory Afterland Guide - How To Get Land of Riches

Hey there, folks! It's time for a much-needed guide! As a preface, I'd like to say that finding an up-to-date guide for this content proved to be quite traumatizing for me. Most of what I found was from right after the release, when bugs were rampant and the players were quite perplexed as to how it got released as such

Maplestoryer - The Top Guides for Dark Knight 2018 What Do You Guys Think

To me a guide is when your explaining how the class works and its pros and cons, its strength and weaknesses also giving Tips.

Burned A Cadena and Didn't Get A Frozen Weapon in MapleStory

Burned a Cadena and didn't get a Frozen weapon. Instead got a maple onyx weapon :( Needless to say I did not get the complete Frozen set bonus

What Stuff Do You Put on Your Pet Ignore, Maplestory?

Seeing as how flames are gonna be dropping from flames for Reboot bosses, I wanted to make a list of common items that would be good to pet ignore.

MapleStory 2 Europe - US Announcement Coming Soon

While the MMORPG game MapleStory 2 is long waiting for the Western region and English language support, some exciting news has finally arrived. When the distributor company Nexon America issued a business notice, the title of 'Localization Coordinator' attracted attention.

Nexon Released MapleStory April Special Event

NEXON Korea (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will host a special event of 'MapleStory,' a popular online game, in April.

MapleStory 2 Exhibit Metu Gallery For Adventurers 1000 Days Online

As of April 1, 2018, MapleStory 2 has been online for 1000 days. To celebrate the festival, there are 3 times Adventurer Gallery adventurers can join.

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