Permanent Beginners

Maplestoryer Date: Oct/29/13 16:54:48 Views: 1347
What is a permanent beginner? A permanent beginner is a mapler who never gets job advancement and stays as a beginner for the rest of his or her mapling life. That is quite unbelievable for many maplers, because being a permanent beginner means no skills, limited equipment choices and low attack strength. Then they will ask: “Why do you play this game for you are doing such a boring job?” But for those maplers who prefer to be a permanent beginner, they hold that they have made suitable decisions for themselves. A permanent beginner will never lose experience when he or she dies and high-leveled beginners are looked up on by other maplers. Also, being a permanent beginner means you can save mesos as you can buy cheaper cab rates and if you are in Victoria Island, taxi fee is cheaper. Moreover, your unique and cool equipment style will attract many maplers attention. Besides, you can reach towns by dying halfway during the trip. For example, you can get to El Nath from Orbis by dying halfway down Orbis Tower. Is that amazing? But there are still disadvantages for maplers to be a permanent beginner, such as, weak skills, bad damages, limited weapons, and so on. To be a permanent beginner or not, think twice, maplers!