Pocket MapleStory: One Of Best Free Mobile Games Of Nexon

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/08/17 13:16:27 Views: 1473

Nexon is the leading gaming companies in Korea, the project's producers always get a lot of attention and love from gamers. Pocket MapleStory is one of best free games on mobile phones developed by Nexon.


Pocket MapleStory remain the traditional way to play on the PC and scrolling MMORPG line of sight away goals, but the context tronggame change and players will experience stories of the different characters. Character in the game is designed in the style of animation with the number of items accompanied by tremendous allows players to unleash creativity for his character.



As the last heir of MapleStory, Pocket MapleStory allows players to build, choose the hero strong team, perfect and master the skills and strengths of each character to fight each own way through an adventure in the vast virtual world, the main attractive on small mobile devices.



As with the other games of the same genre, the first time players will perform the most basic tasks to learn the features and get used to the vast game world. Apart from the plow level monsters, players can set up a team to explore the dungeon with giant bosses and attractive rewards. Control mechanisms in the game is very easy to become familiar with the virtual on-screen buttons are arranged very reasonable and smart, does not affect too much to combat vision.