Review about old Maplestory : Mechanics, and gamefeel

Maplestoryer Date: Feb/04/15 00:54:36 Views: 1169

I think I had enough experience with new Maple to really understand what was different, and why I felt it was dying, or lacking the popularity of old maple.


It really boils down to two things: Mechanics, and gamefeel. Sounds kind of obvious, but looking back, these gradually shifted 180 degrees over the patches following big-bang (transition to new maple), becoming an entirely different game.



The actual leveling, and ability to do massive amounts of damage became easier and higher. In the olden days of Maple, getting to level 30 would take the average player about a week. In this new maple, a week of average play could get you to level 70 easy. Damage also became more accessible with both equips and flashy new classes that were straight up better than the original classes for a LONG, LONG time. There was no point playing the older classes when a newer, more powerful class was around the corner. These two concepts really shifted Maplestory into the fast-paced level-fest we see today.


That being said, maple becoming more level and damage accessible basically killed the social aspects of the game. Like everyone has said before, since leveling was so difficult it wasn't a priority. Hanging out, and making friends, while gaining a level or two along the way, was usually how the game was played. Now, since the game could be practically played by yourself, no one feels the need to socialize. Even party quest are just a means to get special exp, or break the monotony of grinding (which isn't entirely true because some PQ's are played to only get to a grind spot without finishing the actual quest). No one speaks in these, ever.


I honestly believe that this new Maplestory is broken. On the surface it just looks different, and not necessarily a bad game. However, with the rise of the F2P model, especially in the MMORPG scene, games are rising and falling like never before. If maplestory wants to live in this totally accessible market, they're going to have to distinguish themselves from the pack. They used to have something no other game in it's genre had; and that was this quirky, little adventure where people worked together to slay cool enemies and explore the lore that was the Maple universe,. But now, it's just a button mash, and that will be their downfall.